Maud Eijkenboom
Executive Officer
Dr Eijkenboom is an R&D and commercialisation executive with 20 years multinational, ASX-listed, private, start-up, incubator, spin-out and consulting experience in the life sciences industry. She has invented and/or developed a wide range of technologies, including drugs, devices, biologics, veterinary, complementary medicines, cosmetics, nutraceuticals and agrochemicals. She was Chief Scientific Officer for ASX-Listed entities and R&D executive for Bayer HealthCare in Germany. Maud is passionate about creating flow between universities, the healthcare system, industry and the community to improve quality of life. Maud has scientific qualifications in preclinical neuropsychology and neurobiology. She is an Expert in the Commercialisation Australia Expert Network and previously an advisor to the Innovation Centre of WA.
Liz Johnstone
Senior Project Officer
Dr Johnstone obtained her PhD in Pharmacology from the University of Western Australia. She is currently based at the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research (Western Australia) where she studies the molecular pharmacology of G protein-coupled receptors in the laboratory of Associate Professor Kevin Pfleger. Liz works part-time supporting the Accelerating Australia program as well as part-time in the lab for her post-doctoral research.
Kristen Houston
Project Officer
Kristen Houston received her Bachelor of Science in Pharmacology from the University of Western Australia. She has a diverse range of experience across a number of industries and most recently worked for John Beech and The Executive Connection where she created the website for consulting company Guided Innovation. Kristen is involved in the communications, events and general support of Accelerating Australia

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