We are excited to announce that the SPARK Global Annual Meeting will be held in Sydney, Australia in September 2019, bringing together over 50 SPARK program managers and directors and over 30 selected students from 15+ countries.

The Annual Meeting Program

25th Aug-6th Sept

7th Annual Training Course in Biomedical Innovation and Entrepreneurship

35 selected domestic and international students will take part in an intensive, two-week BioInnovation course run by SPARK program directors including Prof Daria Mochly Rosen, Assoc/Prof Kevin Grimes and Prof Michael Wallach.

5th September

Celebratory Evening Event held at NSW Parliament House

6th September


Final presentations from students partaking in the 7th Annual Training course in Biomedical Innovation and Entrepreneurship.


Accelerating Australia Life Sciences Innovation Expo – Pitch event of top projects from Accelerating Australia programs, followed by a “Meet the Innovators” exhibition.

7th-8th Sept

SPARK Directors’ meeting and Training for new members (closed)

About SPARK Global

SPARK Global is a worldwide network of more than 50 research institutions that have established or are developing SPARK biomedical translation programs locally. SPARK Global is represented in 5 regions, including SPARK Africa, SPARK Americas, SPARK Asia, SPARK Europe and SPARK Oceania. 

SPARK programs are unique partnerships between universities and industry scientists and professionals to provide the education and mentorship necessary to advance research discoveries from research laboratories to clinical solutions. SPARK provides access to specialized knowledge and technical expertise regarding drug, diagnostic, medical device and digital health technology development and sources of funding to support translational efforts.

The Stanford SPARK program, founded in 2016 by Professor Daria Mochly-Rosen, has proven its merit many fold with a >50% success rate in translating new diagnostics or treatment. SPARK at Stanford is committed to supporting the SPARK Global community with accelerating quality, early stage biomedical technologies regardless of borders. 

Since the 2015 launch of SPARK Global, SPARK partners have launched 25 startups, received $30 million in funding, achieved 10 awards and initiated 25 clinical trials.

Thanks to our generous sponsors for making the SPARK Global Annual Meeting possible.