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Perth Biodesign 2019: Meet the teams

Tonight marks the first class session for Perth Biodesign 2019, covering project management and team dynamics. Check out our new cohort and their incredibly impressive and diverse experience!

Meet a team of ‘engipreneurs’ taking medical innovations from idea to market

A multi-disciplinary program is supercharging engineers, transforming them into entrepreneurs.

Watch our 2018 Year in Review Video

What a year! 2018 was definitely the year of "Better Together" – what an amazing achievement of the biomedical innovation ecosystem. Make sure to watch our "Year in Review" video below for a full snapshot of 2018.

Accelerating Australia Courses come together for National Showcase

The conference is a fantastic way for the Accelerating Australia team to share our activites on a national scale, with a larger audience. This year, we also aimed for attendees to leave feeling inspired and excited for their future careers.

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