Nobel Laureate Professor Barry Marshall, Western Australian Chief Scientist Professor Peter Klinken, and Steering Committee Chair Associate Professor Kevin Pfleger opened the launch event of Accelerating Australia at the purpose-built innovation facility, the Centre for Entrepreneurial Research and Innovation (CERI). The consortium recently received seed funding from the Medical Technologies and Pharmaceuticals Industry Growth Centre (MTPConnect) Project Fund Program for an exciting new Australia-wide program to bring new treatments closer.

Upon announcing the funding, CEO of MTPConnect Sue MacLeman said, ““We are very excited to be supporting this impressive national consortium led by the Centre for Entrepreneurial Research and Innovation. Development of this project will ensure that it is set to drive change through collaboration and innovation, two important pillars of the MTPConnect Sector Competitiveness Plan. Translational research and training is essential for the future growth and competitiveness of the medtech and pharmaceuticals sector in Australia, to ensure that we can flourish on both a local and global scale.”

Addressing the full room of representatives from across the sector, from universities and medical research institutes to industry and government, including entrepreneurs and CERI alumni from a multitude of backgrounds, Barry spoke about his journey from a child obsessed with chemistry sets and building electrical circuits to an Australian medical celebrity. Appealing to the diversity of his audience, the nobel laureate complemented his insights into dealing with IP and licensing, with demonstrating his impressive historic calculator collection!



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