Congratulations to everyone who completed the Scientist Knowledge Translation Training Course with Dr Tamika Heiden last week, including three of our own Accelerating Australia project staff!

What is Knowledge Translation?

Knowledge translation is all about getting the information you want out to the audiences you want it to reach, in the right way. Although it may involve the communication of your research,  knowledge translation is about sharing your knowledge in general, to the benefit of society.

What is Knowledge Translation Training?

In order to develop a knowledge translation plan, or KT plan, that covers the development, dissemination, implementation and evaluation of your knowledge, Dr Tamika Heiden teaches a two-day intensive workshop to researchers across Australia. The training starts with defining knowledge translation, its’ audiences, implementation and translation strategies before researchers are guided through developing their own KT plan.

Why Should I Do it?

Many scientists get into their chosen fields of research because they want to change the world but how can you change the world if your research never leaves the lab? Additionally, knowledge translation can help you gain impact in your journal articles and be more successful in your grant applications.


SKTT Australia website

Online Modules 1 & 2

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