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Pauline Zaenker from ECU pitches MelDetect, a blood test for the early detection of melanoma.

You may not have heard of it (although you’ve probably seen the building) but the Centre for Entrepreneurial Research and Innovation is making huge strides in its first year-and-a-bit of being open.

CERI, as it’s affectionately known (as in “seh-ri”, not “si-ri”) has been quietly running the Entrepreneurial Mindset course since opening last year and has been receiving support for the course since March as the lead consortium member for Accelerating Australia. The latest cohort (finishing today) will make 125 people having completed the course since its’ inception.

The brainchild of mining magnate, Charlie Bass, the centre was built with the goal to create a sustainable economy built on WA’s diverse strengths in high-knowledge and high-value industries. In other words, make use of the incredibly smart and qualified people in WA and teach them how to innovate and commercialise, creating an economy independant of resources and immune to boom/bust cycles.

Now taking things up a notch, CERI is in the final week of their first ever Concept to Creation course in which Entrepreneurial Mindset alumni are invited back for the next step in their start up development. In the last 14 weeks, participants have learned about team formation, lean startup, IP strategy, corporate governance and more, as well as pitching skills from TEDx and WAAPA coaches.

To finish up the final week of Concept to Creation, as well as celebrate the debut of the course and CERI’s 1st birthday, graduating teams will be pitching their start up ideas to a room of alumni, CERI mentors and stakeholders and esteemed guests this Thursday night. The top three teams (representing industries including mining, agriculture and medical technology) will also be vying for first place as part of their ten minute pitches.

If you are interested in getting involved in a CERI Entrepreneurial Mindset course or finding out more information, please go to the website or make an enquiry here.

CERI pitch judges john beech nanodent

Judging panel including John Beech, John Battley, Mark Westbrook, Mary Papachristos and Ken Green. 

The Concept to Creation Teams

  • NanoDent - Advanced nanotechnology dental care
  • Autisense - Dental eHealthcare
  • StemSmart - Stem cell therapy
  • MediBee - Honey Bee Health
  • Scinder - Expertise Matching Platform
  • Terra15 - Fibre optics
  • MelDetect - Melanoma detection
  • MALDIID - Sustainable farming

Marian Sturm, who currently works from one of the CERI startup offices, pitches StemSmart.

CERI participant and SPARK Design participant, Joanna Granich, pitches Autisense, digital dental care aimed at children with learning disabilities or aversions to dental treatment.

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