Accelerating Australia is proud to share that several teams to recently experience our hands-on training programs have now been awarded State Government support.

23 local businesses have been announced as recipients of Innovation Vouchers from the Western Australian government. The Innovation Vouchers program is an initiative of the state government’s New Industries Fund, enabling small to medium enterprises (SMEs) to improve their capability and commercialise their innovations through the support of the state government.

Three of the successful applicants to the program have also received support from Accelerating Australia programs along their development journey. These include:


Laconik is an early stage agriculture business, working from one of CERI’s startup offices since completing the CERI Entrepreneurial Mindset bootcamp and 2018 Concept to Creation course. Laconik combines data science and artificial intelligence with agriculture to create precision agriculture technology to improve fertiliser decisions. Laconik is using the Innovation Voucher to scale the innovative technology and make it available to farmers across Australia. Laconik’s team members report that being part of CERI has allowed the company to refine its idea, become investment ready and prepare for the next stage of growth.

Salutem Analytics team (L-R) – Stephen Mott, James Heaton, Joanna Granich, James Chen, Simon Wolfe

Salutem Analytics

Salutem Analytics is an early stage private digital diagnostic medical technology company that was formed as part of the 2017 SPARK Co-Lab Design course (now Perth Biodesign). The company is currently developing their first product, Scan2Detect, a novel method of ultrasound image processing for early diagnosis of pressure injuries. The Salutem team is made up of the original members put together as part of the Design course: Joanna Granich (Telethon Kids Institute researcher), Simon Wolfe (principal operations engineer and MBA), Stephen Mott (mechanical engineer), James Chen (junior doctor and 2018 Perth Biodesign alumni mentor) and James Heaton (EY consultant). Their 2017 alumni mentor, Dr Dylan Beinart, also recently joined the team as a clinical care advisor.

"The SPARK Co-Lab BioDesign course was instrumental in not only bringing our team together but collectively fusing our brains trust, knowledge and diverse skill set that has now culminated into an early stage digital diagnostic medtech company. We are grateful for the opportunity, knowledge foundation and networks that (the) BioDesign course was able to provide to our team collectively and individually enabling medical innovation to happen for our company so we can make a better difference to healthcare of patients in hospitals and aged-care facilities."
Salutem Analytics


AutiSense is a private early stage start-up providing innovative educational and therapeutic mobile app solutions to improve child health through enhanced preparation and participation in healthcare. 

The AutiSense platform came about when founder and director, Joanna Granich, identified a gap in the market for comprehensive digital medico-dental health literacy, resources and tools that addressed the needs of all consumers; parents, children and practitioners into one fit-for-purpose platform. Joanna has since been through the SPARK Co-Lab Design Course (now the Perth Biodesign course), CERI’s Entrepreneurial Mindset bootcamp and the CERI Concept to Creation program in which Joanna applied her learnings directly to the AutiSense platform.

Joanna says that the Innovation Voucher support from the WA Government will not only help the project to grow but has also been validating. The funds will allow AutiSense to develop their Digital Detective Check (DDC), a preventive dental healthcare prep application, with careful concept design and practical planning of storyboards demonstrating its impact and feasibility which will be tested with customers, in order to evaluate the intent of early user experiences.

Undertaking CERI’s Mindset Boot Camp and Concept to Creation modules enabled and empowered me to charge forth and embark on an impactful entrepreneurial journey with confidence. It helped me to develop and grow my business idea into a reality. As a founder of a lean digital enterprise underpinned by social impact and values, CERI unselfishly provided me with network opportunities and laid the foundation, the know-how to get things off the ground. I now have an entrepreneurial tool kit which I refer to all the time, and one that is helping me to take AutiSense and the DDC app to the next level, the development of a minimal viable product and customer traction.
Joanna Granich
Founder and Director, AutiSense
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